Register a contingent.

Please complete the form below to indicate your group's participation in Women's March Oakland on January 19, 2019. Contingents must be 20 or more people.

Marching is free, but donations are always appreciated. If you would like to help support the march, the suggested donation for contingents is $500.

Contributions will benefit Women's March Oakland, a nonprofit project of Social Good Fund, and are tax-deductible. While we are part of a national movement, Women's March Oakland is independently operated and funded. We do not have a shared funding arrangement with Women’s March Bay Area, Women's March California, or Women's March.

Participating contingents must be aligned with our beliefs, values and mission. Acceptance of any gift is solely at the discretion of Women’s March Oakland leadership, our fiscal sponsor, and legal counsel.

We are respectful of donor privacy, and information that should be private will not be made public.

Please contact our outreach team at with any questions.

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